malcolm betts

Everybody loves

malcolm betts

How is he like ??





Everyone who loves fashion knows him.

He is the man who makes Super Cool Jewelry!


One day, Masunee called me.
“Malcolm and we’re going to visit Kamakura,
please take us wonderful places!”
I said “OK!”


Malcolm and Team Barneys’
Sightseeing tour in Kamakura
started from North Kamakura Station —–

We heard a story from an Australian trainee monk at
Kenchoji Temple.

A fortune slip that he picked at
Hachimangu Shrine was
He seemed a little disappointed with the article
“Life has its ups and downs”

Japanese Sake offered looked so delicious.
We wanted to drink.


Japanese sweets which we ate at “Kurumi (Walnut)” was very delicious.
He was most interested in Kanten(Agar).


We went to Daibutsu(Great statue of Buddha)
by Enoden(Local Train).


We had our souvenir photo taken.


We went to Yuigahama coast.
The sun hid … but, we took a walk on the beach,
and He said
“It is like a dream to see the sea with mates at BARNEYS.”


At Chicken Barbecue “Hirano”
He was very excited about cook’s unique counterattack and behavior,
and gave tip!
He took applause and cheers from all visitors !!


Finally we went to “Spiral Bar”.
He seemed that he didn’t want to go back…


The day spending with Malcolm was very fun…

He is tender, warm, thoughtful
and really wonderful person.

I feel like having been able to know that
the very important thing which is in his work.

I thank for that I meet him.
I will never forget the day we spent together!


malcolm betts

He is in Fukuoka today, then going to Kobe tomorrow.

I want him to take care of himself, and
enjoy the rest of his time in JAPAN.



I want to see him again.